São Paulo, Brazil Editora Hogrefe CETEPP

Founded in 1995 as Centro Editor de Testes e Pesquisas em Psicologia (CETEPP)
Part of the Hogrefe Publishing Group since 2015
General Manager Marianne Güntert Fleury

About us

Located in the city of São Paulo, Editora Hogrefe CETEPP consists of a young and dedicated team of Brazilian psychologists, publishers and experienced staff. We value our collaborative atmosphere and are in constant contact with European colleagues in order to be able to offer what best suits Brazilian psychologists and professionals working in related areas.

Core Products and Activities

Our core values are our commitment to quality and respect for our customers, partners and clients. We deal with the Brazilian diversity on a daily basis, and work toward finding solutions and seizing opportunities together with our wide net of distributors who are located in every state and big city in Brazil.

Our portfolio of tests includes the tests such as the d2 and WMT-2 as well as DIA-X (Pfister) and WZT (Wartegg).  In addition, we import important tests like Rorschach® and Zulliger Plates.

Today, as part of the Hogrefe Publishing Group, we are updating and broadening our publishing activities and are providing Brazil with internationally important tools like Hogrefe Testsystem 5 (HTS-5) and the SON test family, which are making a big difference in the daily practice of Brazilian psychologists and researchers.


Editora Hogrefe CETEPP is the youngest publishing house in the Hogrefe Publishing Group, which became a member in 2015 through the acquisition of CETEPP – Centro Editor de Testes e Pesquisa em Psicologia - Publishing Center of Test and Research in Psychology.

CETEPP was founded in the beginning of the 1990s and started out as  a small but very traditional test publisher in Brazil. The catalog included many renowned tests which were purchased and licensed mostly from Hogrefe. CETEPP’s activities and materials played an important role in the history of psychological evaluation in Brazil. Editora Hogrefe CETEPP continues its former traditions and flourishes as part of the Hogrefe Publishing Group


Editora Hogrefe CETEPP
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04602-000 São Paulo, SP

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